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Three Big Presentation Mistakes

Itís no mystery that sales professionals make mistakes during presentations Ė weíre only human, after all. But did you know that regardless of the product or service youíre selling, chances are youíre making at least one of nine big mistakes?..  Read More.

Get a Commitment

If your next presentation garners nods, comments, such as very interesting, and friendly chat on the way out the door, would you consider the potential buyer a strong prospect?..  Read More.

Selling Power's Best
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Presentationís Crystal Ball

Ever wish you knew beforehand what an audience will think of your sales presentation? New York-based Presentation Testing can tell you. No, they donít employ a battalion of psychics to predict the outcome; instead, they measure the reaction of an audience using the same type of technology used to measure the effectiveness of political speeches and the believability of potential witnesses in trials...  Read More.



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