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This OutFront Digital Letterhead Web Template is built with functionality and flexibility in mind.  It has a main navigation bar on the left and room for a subnavigation bar on the right for linking between pages within major sections of information on your site.

Just add content, rearrange pages, and rename pages to build your site.

This template allows you to:


Pac-Man made by Neave Games

P= Paues


M=Mute//unmute sound

L=Low quaity on/off


I n s t r u c t i o n s :

Changing Button and Banner Names

The names that appear on navigation bar buttons and page banners are dynamically generated by FrontPage based upon the names that appear on the page icons in the Navigation View flow chart.  You can change the names to suit your needs provided the names are brief enough to fit on the button graphics.

To change the names on navigation buttons and page banners:


Space Invaders made by Neave Games

bullet Keyboard
Up W or  
Down S or /
Left A or Z
Right D or X

Pause game P
Quit game Q
Mute sound M
Fire or other space key


Adding Pages

It's easy to create new pages and add them to the navigation bars.  You can expand the navigation bars to accommodate as many pages as you need.

To add a page to the nav bars:

bulletIn navigation view, select and open a page that exists on the same level of the chart as the page you wish to add.
bulletSave it as a new page.
bulletDrag it onto the Navigation View flow chart.
bulletIn the Navigation View, rename the page to suit your needs.
bulletCustomize the content and save.


Asteroids made by Neave Games

Deleting Pages

bullet Keyboard
Up W or  
Down S or /
Left A or Z
Right D or X

Pause game P
Quit game Q
Mute sound M
Fire or other space key

You can delete a page from your navigation bar without deleting it from your web by clicking on the page to highlight it in the Navigation View, pressing the "delete" button, and selecting "Remove this page from all navigation bars."  To delete the page entirely, select that option instead.

Include Files

Note that some elements elements that occur on all pages of this site exist as include pages.  You can find these include pages in the "includes" folder of this web.  Here are the include pages currently in use on this web.

bulletBreakout boxes
bulletFooter information

world and local news papers 

" Eli"


joi Box

Journalism and the media are changing fast as the internet grows more accessible, and journalism degree programs are changing to accommodate new distribution paradigms.

read more




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